Spring Connection New Student Checklist


As a new student, you probably have lots of questions about where to go to find the resources and information you need about living and learning at NC State. The New Student Checklist will help you start on the path to becoming the newest member of the Wolfpack family.

Learn more about starting as a new Spring Connection student at go.ncsu.edu/springconnection

Note: This checklist is specifically for first-year students in the Spring Connection program who are beginning in the Spring 2019 semester. If you are admitted in late Fall 2018 for Spring 2019, you can find your New Student Checklist here

After you are accepted to NC State …

Every Student Must

Confirm Your Enrollment

We can’t wait for you to come to campus and start enjoying the Wolfpack life!

  • Log into your wolfPAW account to respond to our offer of admission under your To-Do List.
  • The deadline to confirm your acceptance is June 1, 2018

If you choose not to attend, please let Undergraduate Admissions know via your wolfPAW account.

Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)
Email: undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu

Access Your Unity Account

  • Your Unity ID is an electronic identification key that allows you to access all of your records and services while associated with NC State. You need your Unity ID and password to access your email and campus services (e.g., eBilling, financial aid, Registration and Records) available via MyPack Portal at https://mypack.ncsu.edu.
  • To obtain your Unity ID, log in to https://wolfpaw.ncsu.edu/ with your wolfPAW username and password. You will see your Unity ID Credentials (ID and Password) listed on the main page.
  • Your  Unity ID password is initially set to a default value. That is an 8 digit number composed of the last four digits of your ID number (found on the wolfPAW page) followed by your two-digit birth month and two-digit birthday (mmdd).
  • Before you can log in to anything, you must create a password for your account. Please follow these instructions:
    • Go to ncsu.edu/UIA to set up your security questions and answers.
    • Once you have updated your security questions and answers, go to ncsu.edu/password to change your password to something only you know. (Enter your Unity Username, then your current password (default value). Create a new password and enter it twice.)
    • Keep your password private. It is against university policy to share this information with anyone, including a parent or legal guardian.

Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)

If you Need/Choose to …

Get Connected to NC State

Now that you are part of the Pack, you need to get to know us better.

Complete the University Housing Application

NC State and University Housing are committed to the academic success of our students and the first year live-on requirement ​is ​one way we actively support that commitment. University Housing also understands that starting your university journey mid​-year can provide unique challenges for students as well as University Housing. Spring Connection students are strongly encouraged to live on campus. We will have more information in the coming months on details for applying for housing.

Website: https://housing.ncsu.edu/
Phone: 919.515.2440 (University Housing)
Email: housing@ncsu.edu

Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) assists students with applying for and securing financial assistance.  You will be offered the best funding options available to you depending upon the timing of your application for aid, your level of financial need, and availability funding.  

Financial Aid:

(*not applicable to international students)

Financial aid is awarded on a first come first served basis. Submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible to maximize your eligibility for grants and scholarships. Complete the FAFSA at https://fafsa.gov.


Once you are offered acceptance to NC State University, you can begin applying for scholarships via our scholarship portal, PackASSIST.  Students entering in the Spring 2019 semester can apply for scholarships at any time, but will only be eligible for scholarships beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year (i.e. beginning in the Fall 2019 semester).

For more information, including deadlines, and to log on using your unity credentials, visit: https://go.ncsu.edu/PackASSIST

Website: https://go.ncsu.edu/financialaid
Phone: 919.515.NCSU (6278) (Scholarships and Financial Aid)
Email: financialaid@ncsu.edu

Consider Optional Summer and Fall Transition Programs

Consider connecting with NC State before you begin in the spring 2019 semester through optional transition programs like Prague Connection and Summer Start.

  • Summer Start Program: Get a jumpstart on your NC State experience by participating in Summer Start. This program takes place from June 20 to August 1 and allows you to take classes while living in the heart of campus. Learn more and apply to participate by May 9, 2018 at https://newstudents.dasa.ncsu.edu/summerstart/. 
  • Prague Connection Program: Apply to participate in Prague Connection, a 12-week Fall 2018 study abroad program created specifically for Spring Connection students. Participants will earn 14 NC State credit hours while gaining valuable international experience and building relationships before stepping foot on campus. Learn more and apply to participate by June 15, 2018 at https://prague.ncsu.edu/terms/prague-connection-2019/.

After you have paid your enrollment deposit …
Every Student Must

Provide Admissions with an Official Final Transcript


You must submit an official final transcript from all institutions you attended prior to enrolling at NC State. Final acceptance is contingent on your maintaining a level of academic performance that is equal to or better than your previous academic record.

  • Your official final high school transcript needs to be submitted by July 15.
  • If you take classes at another institution, prior to enrolling at NC State in the spring, you will need to submit an official final transcript by December 19.
  • Failure to submit an official final transcript will cancel your enrollment.
  • Mail transcripts to: NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Campus Box 7103, Raleigh, NC 27695-7103

Can I attend another community college or university for the fall semester?

Students can choose to attend another community college or university prior to enrolling at NC State in the spring, but you must let NC State know where you plan to attend and what courses you will be taking. Notify Undergraduate Admissions through your wolfPAW account by July 15, 2018 and submit an official final transcript by December 19, 2018. If you plan to take courses in the fall, we encourage you to consider an NC Community College. You should contact the NC State academic department you’ve been admitted into for advising on course selection prior to registration at another institution.

You are not eligible to enroll as a non-degree seeking student at NC State for the fall semester.

Website: https://admissions.ncsu.edu/
Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)
Email: undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu

Submit Your Fall Plans to Undergraduate Admissions

Spring Connection students have the flexibility to choose between a number of opportunities prior to beginning classes in the Spring 2019 semester. You may choose to do an internship, work, take classes at another college or university, volunteer, travel or participate in a personal enrichment opportunity. Whatever you decide – we’d like to know. Log in to your wolfPAW account and let us know what you plan to do before enrolling at NC State by July 15.

As you are making your plans, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Students can choose to attend another community college or university before enrolling at NC State in the spring. If you do want to take classes, we encourage you to consider an NC Community College. You should contact the NC State academic department you’ve been admitted into for advising on course selection prior to registration at another institution. 
  • Consider optional NC State transition programs like Prague Connection or Summer Start.

Provide Health Insurance

Per the UNC Board of Governors, students must show evidence of existing creditable insurance coverage (coverage under another health plan), purchase a private insurance plan or enroll in the NC State-sponsored plan (Student Blue).  Established students will be able to enroll or waive the insurance beginning November 1st for spring semester.

Phone: 919.515.2563 (Student Health Services)


Complete the Medical and Immunization Forms

North Carolina Law requires that NC State students submit proof of immunizations to Student Health Services within 30 days of registration of classes at NC State University. For more information on the requirements, exceptions, exemptions and how to submit records visit https://healthypack.dasa.ncsu.edu/health-records/immunizationtb-compliance/

In addition to submitting immunization records, students are required to complete a Health History Form and TB Questionnaire. Both can be found on the HealthyPackPortal (https://sso.medicatconnect.com)

Phone: 919.515.2563 (Student Health Services)

Access Your Tuition and Fees Information

You will use MyPack Portal to view your eBILLs and detailed student account information. Bills will not be mailed. Your first bill will be posted in early November 2018 and is due in early December 2018.

  • It is the responsibility of each student, whether or not they receive a statement, to make full payment or complete financial aid information prior to the deadline. Approved and accepted financial aid awards and sponsorships will be noted on the account.  Only the amounts exceeding the award must be paid.
  • View your bill and make an online payment via MyPack Portal. From the Student Homepage, select the Student Accounts tile.  Click Billing Statements from the left menu to view your bill.  Detailed account information is under Account History. Click the “Make a Payment” button to pay your charges.  “What I Owe” gives you a current snapshot of your account.
  • Tuition and Fees must be paid by the date posted on your billing statement to avoid class schedule cancellation.
    • Fall billing is in July
    • Spring billing is in November
    • Summer I billing is in April
    • Summer II billing is in May
  • Grant parental access to student accounts through the MyPack Portal.  Details are at go.ncsu.edu/parentaccess
  • Sign up for direct deposit through the MyPack Portal to receive refunds.  Details are at go.ncsu.edu/directdeposit
  • Learn more about billing and payment options by visiting go.ncsu.edu/billing
  • Reduce your debt or “payment pain” by enrolling in a monthly payment plan – go.ncsu.edu/mpp
  • Waive or enroll in the NC State Insurance plan (if you don’t waive, you will automatically be enrolled and billed). Learn more at go.ncsu.edu/insurance
  • If you decide not to attend NC State University you must notify Undergraduate Admissions (undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu) no later than the first day of classes (include your full name, student ID  and date of birth in the email). You must also cancel your housing and dining plan if applicable. You will be responsible for all charges on your account including any charges for late cancellations.

Phone: 919.515.NCSU (6278) (Cashier’s Office)
Email: studentaccounts@ncsu.edu

Take Placement/Skills Assessments

To ensure you are registered in the appropriate courses, placement/skills assessments are offered – and some required – in certain subjects such as math, English, chemistry, and foreign languages.

  • Math Placement – Complete the math placement test any time online (recommended completion date is August 27, 2018). You will have to have taken the placement test before advising and course registration in mid-fall 2018.
  • Chemistry Placement – Complete the chemistry placement exam any time online before August 27, 2018. You will have to have taken the placement test before advising and course registration in mid-fall 2018.
  • First-Year Writing Placement – Students will look at a first-year writing placement chart online to determine if they are exempt from the first-year writing requirement or if they should complete the online, directed self-placement assessment.
  • Foreign Language Placement – The foreign language placement exam is only available to take on campus at the CHASS Foreign Language Computing Lab (Laundry-216). One option is to take it in January 2018 when you begin classes. Alternatively, if you are local or already scheduling a visit to campus before January, you can stop by the lab’s open hours and take the exam. Talk to your academic advisor about whether or not you need to take the exam and when they suggest you take it.

To learn more about these assessments, click here.

Register to Attend New Student Orientation

Orientation for first-year students beginning in Spring 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, January 3, 2019.

You must register for Orientation through your wolfPAW account via https://wolfpaw.ncsu.edu/. Registration will be available in October 2018.

  • Click on the “Register for Orientation” link under the “My To-Do List” section on the Dashboard.
  • Read the instructions, select, and submit the Orientation session.
  • Contact New Student Programs at 919.515.1234 immediately if you have a conflict with attending your designated Orientation session.

Parents and family members are also highly encouraged to attend Family Orientation. The program runs in conjunction with your Orientation session and is designed to introduce families to the academic programs and services available at NC State. Additional information about Student and Family Orientation will be available in October 2017.

Website: https://newstudents.dasa.ncsu.edu/orientation/
Phone: 919.515.1234 (New Student Programs)
Email: new-students@ncsu.edu

Complete Required Online Education

As part of NC State’s commitment to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment, all new first-year and transfer students are required to complete online trainings before the stated deadline below, before their first semester. Online education courses cover topics including:

  • Alcohol education (required for students under age 21)
  • Hazing prevention
  • Sexual assault prevention (Title IX)
Visit go.ncsu.edu/required-ed for instructions on completing the online trainings, and complete the trainings by the following dates:
  • Deadline for Summer Start participants: June 17, 2018
  • Deadline for students beginning in Spring 2019: January 7, 2019
    (Note: The deadline to complete Alcohol-Wise Part 2 is February 7, 2019)

Website: go.ncsu.edu/required-ed
Phone: 919.513.3295 (Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Education)
Email: claustin@ncsu.edu

Review the Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct serves as the basis for student behavioral expectations at NC State.  It contains information related to the university’s jurisdiction over student behavior, academic and non-academic violations, sanctions available when a violation occurs, and information regarding interim suspension.

Academic violations include cheating, plagiarism, or aiding another to cheat or plagiarize.  Non-academic violations vary widely and include rules concerning alcohol, drugs, infliction or threat of bodily harm, vandalism, disorderly conduct, sexual and racial harassment, sexual assault, and more.

All students are strongly encouraged to read and understand the Code of Student Conduct.

Phone: 919.515.2963 (Office of Student Conduct)
Email: studentconduct@ncsu.edu

If you Need/Choose to …

Request All AP/IB Test Scores Be Sent to NC State

A full list of the AP/IB credit policies at NC State is available online: https://admissions.ncsu.edu/credit-opportunities.

  • Test scores must be submitted to NC State before New Student Orientation
  • All scores must be received directly from the testing agency. Undergraduate Admissions does not accept scores from high school or college transcripts.
  • NC State’s AP Code is: 5496

Website: https://admissions.ncsu.edu/
Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)
Email: undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu

Update Your Contact Information or Preferred Name

Updating Address or Phone Number – It is very important that your address and phone information are kept current with the university.

Updating Preferred or Non-Legal Name – While a person’s legal name is used by default, NC State University recognizes that, as a community, many of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. If you designate a ‘Preferred Name’, it will appear instead of the legal name in many university systems and documents (e.g., your Wolfpack One Card).

  • Log in to MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Personal Information tile > Select the ‘Preferred Name’ line > Edit the ‘First Name’ box > Select ‘Save’
  • Learn more about the ‘Preferred or Non-Legal Name’ system on the Student Services Center website

Contact Disability Services

Contact the Disability Services Office (DSO) should you require academic accommodations during the year due to physical, mental health and/or learning disabilities.

Website: https://dso.dasa.ncsu.edu
Phone: 919.515.7653 (Disability Services Office)
Email: disability@ncsu.edu

Grant Parent/Guardian Access to your Records

You can give your parent or guardian online access to view your financial (billing/payment) and academic information (schedule/grades):

Request a College or Curriculum Change

Requests to change the program into which you were accepted must be submitted to and approved by Undergraduate Admissions prior to July 1.

  • Email your request to undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu and provide your complete name and date of birth. Please also indicate that you are part of the Spring Connection program in your email.
  • You cannot change your program after July 1 or during Orientation

Website: https://admissions.ncsu.edu/
Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)
Email: undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu

Sign up for your Meal Plan (*required for all first-year students living on campus)

NC State’s award-winning dining program offers a variety of food options that are convenient, fresh, diverse and delicious. From traditional all-you-care-to-eat dining halls to a mix of restaurants, cafes and convenience stores, our program is designed to meet the unique needs and taste of our student body. Whether you live on campus or commute, NC State Dining offers a variety of meal plans that can be tailored to your specific needs.

All first-year students (students entering college for the first time) living in on-campus housing are required to have a meal plan. To compare meal plan options and sign up, visit to dining.ncsu.edu.

Students entering in Spring 2019 can sign up for meals plans beginning November 1, 2018. You have until January 31 each spring and September 30 each fall to make changes.

Website: https://dining.ncsu.edu/
Phone: 1.800.701.4940 (NC State Dining)

Review Options for Bringing a Computer

Most students bring a laptop or other computer when they come to NC State. Be sure to review the computer specifications at https://go.ncsu.edu/comp-specs and check with your individual department or college before purchasing your computer.

The Bookstore offers laptops from Apple, Lenovo, and Dell. Each model is custom configured to meet or exceed the University’s minimum requirements for student laptop purchases. Each model qualifies for education discounts, technical support, and warranty repair from the OIT Walk-In Center.

Phone: 919.515.2161 (NC State Bookstores)
Email: bookstore@ncsu.edu

Review Campus Parking/Alternative Transportation Information

Parking on campus requires a valid NC State Parking Permit. Permits are sold online beginning in late November for spring semester.  Eligibility to purchase a permit is based on a student’s credit hours on file with Registration and Records. Freshmen may purchase a parking permit, but options will be very limited. Most freshmen will only be eligible to RS-Resident Storage (Centennial Campus) which is served by Wolfline, the University’s transit service.

Alternative transportation options include:

  • Wolfline campus bus system
  • GoPass access card to ride city/regional transit
  • Zipcar car share service
  • LimeBike Bicycle share program
  • Personal Bicycle (registration mandatory)

Phone: 919.515.3424 (Transportation)

Keep Your Computer and Information Safe

Be careful about what information you share on all of your devices and never share your password with anyone, even your parents.

  • Phishing attacks are common on campus. Delete all messages requesting your password or other personal information. Note that the NC State Help Desk will never ask you for your password.
  • Be wary of messages that sound too good to be true, such as unsolicited job offers or prize drawings you did not enter.
  • Password-protect all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Install reputable anti-malware protection and apply software patches and updates as soon as possible.
  • You are strongly encouraged to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication to protect your data.  NC State supports two services:  Google 2-Step Verification for Google accounts, and Duo for Shibboleth-connected services like MyPack Portal and Wolfware. Visit go.ncsu.edu/2fa for more information.

Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)
Email: help@ncsu.edu

Purchase Your Textbooks

After you have registered for your classes, go to MyPack Portal https://mypack.ncsu.edu or to the NC State Bookstore’s website and order your textbooks. All you will need is your student ID to view your textbook list and order your books. The Bookstore offers a robust online ordering system that includes online price comparison, textbook rental, ebooks and textbook buyback. Students eligible for financial aid may also order their books online and the bill will be sent directly to the University Cashier’s Office.

Website: https://go.ncsu.edu/textbooks
Phone: 919.515.3424 (NC State Bookstores)
Email: bookstore@ncsu.edu

Get WolfTV for Your On-Campus Room

The Office of Information Technology provides an all-digital, comprehensive cable television package (WolfTV) for students living on campus.

Website: https://go.ncsu.edu/wolftv
Phone: 919.515.3153 (Office of Information Technology)
Email: student_telecommunications@ncsu.edu