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About NSP

New Student Programs has responsibility for the coordination of multiple university-wide programs, including: New Student and Family Orientation, Summer Start, Welcome Weeks, the Common Experience, and ongoing transition programming.

Our Mission

New Student Programs addresses the holistic needs of each new NC State student to create a foundation of success.

We achieve this through:
-1- Cultivating strategic partnerships across the university
-2- Promoting an environment of personal responsibility
-3- Fostering inclusivity through a shared campus identity
-4- Partnering with parents and families
-5- Preparing and empowering student leaders to serve the campus
-6- Striving to be innovative in meeting the needs of our community

Overhead view of students inside Talley Student Union during orientation.

Assisting students throughout
their transition to the university

Our Objectives/Outcomes

Outcome 1a: Identify skills, university and college resources, and policies that promote academic success and engagement in co-curricular learning experiences

Outcome 2a: Develop a sense of community with fellow students, faculty, and staff by engaging in shared experiences

Outcome 2b: Recognize the value of the different experiences of individuals within the campus community

Outcome 3a: Examine the role of personal responsibility as it applies to the university’s academic and behavioral expectations and policies

Outcomes 3b: Identify behaviors and resources that promote personal and community well-being and safety 

Outcome 4a: Demonstrate the ability to navigate the day-to-day functions of collegiate life by utilizing the available resources

Outcome 5a: Apply effective leadership skills in interactions with students, families, New Student Programs staff, and campus partners

Outcome 5b: Utilize knowledge of campus to address the transitional needs of new students and families