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Second-Year Resources

Resources & Activities

Personal Exploration

Investigate who you are individually and who you are in relation to the environment.

Reflect on experiences in various aspects of life such as self-identities, career goals, and relationships.

Explore activities related to self and the environment.

Shape Your Future

Acquire the capacity to problem-solve and seek support.

Prepare to effectively search, apply, and interview for jobs and/or graduate programs.

Identify academic goals and course schedules that support on-time graduation.

Global & Diverse Citizenship

Learn how to seek coursework and experiences to develop global knowledge.

Interact with people and experiences beyond your usual sphere or comfort zone.

Contribute to communities while growing awareness of each student’s place in our interconnected world.

Community Engagement

Deepen the sense of belonging on campus.

Connect with peers and faculty in major and career fields.

Develop healthy interpersonal relationships.