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Common Experience


CliftonStrengths for Students

The Common Experience at NC State supports first-year students in engaging with CliftonStrengths for Students, an online assessment that measures students’ talents and sorts them into a unique rank. This tool helps NC State deepen student and campus engagement, enhance campus culture, increase retention, improve well-being, develop leadership skills, and help students consider postgraduation possibilities. Over 17,000 members of the Wolfpack have taken the CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment!

With a focus on how first-year students can make the most of their talents to achieve their goals at work and everywhere else, CliftonStrengths for Students is a powerful starting place for understanding the strengths that shape the way an individual navigates life. Whether in the classroom, within a student organization, or amongst your peers, NC State believes this tool can be instrumental in your success on campus and beyond.

To Access Your CliftonStrengths Results

After completing the assessment, you can access your results by following the directions below:

  • Visit the NC State Strengths portal at
  • Log in with your Unity ID and password (what you would use to login to MyPack Portal)
  • Scroll down on the main page to view “Your CliftonStrengths” (your top 5 strengths)
  • You may also access additional information and resources by clicking on the “Menu” (located in top left corner of page)

Instructions for CliftonStrengths Assessment

If you HAVE taken the assessment before:
If you have taken the assessment before, you can link your previous CliftonStrengths account/Top 5 to NC State by completing the steps below!

  • Visit the NC State Strengths portal at
  • Log in with your Unity ID and password (what you would use to login to MyPack Portal)
  • Select your language
  • Choose “Copy your results from a time you took CliftonStrengths under a different Access code or username/password combination.” You will be asked to enter that username & password OR the code you used. Without either of those, Gallup will not be able to retrieve your past results.

If you have NEVER taken the assessment before:

  • Contact New Student Programs at or 919.515.1234 for assistance in receiving a code for CliftonStrengths. Please contact New Student Programs at least two days prior to taking the assessment to receive a code.

Get Involved

Whether you want to learn more about CliftonStrengths with others or on your own, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement offers you more insight into utilizing your strengths in various settings. From class and leadership positions to a job search and personal relationships, you can leverage your strengths. You can find resources to learn with others, as well as resources to learn on your own.

Students work in the Entrepreneurship Clinic (Garage, E-clinic) on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this required?

Participating in the Common Experience is not required by the university; however, your academic college/major or organization may require it. If you are required to take CliftonStrengths, you will be notified by your college or organization.

How long does it take to complete? 

Keep in mind that the best results are obtained when the entire survey is taken in one sitting, which requires approximately 30-40 minutes for the average person. For this reason, please allow enough time to take the entire survey without interruption.

Can I retake the assessment?

Your first completion of the CliftonStrengths assessment will yield the purest and most revealing results. For this reason, we are asking that you only complete the assessment one time through the NC State portal.

How long does it take for reports to generate after I close a survey?

After you close a survey, it can take up to 24 hours for Gallup to prepare your results. You will receive an email when you can access your survey results.

What if I need accommodations?

There is a 20-second timer for each statement on the CliftonStrengths assessment. However, it can be turned off if you need accommodations that require you to take the CliftonStrengths assessment without a time limit. If this is the case, please contact New Student Programs at for assistance.

Will I be put in a box based on my Talent Themes?

No. The CliftonStrengths assessment is a tool to help your own self-discovery and take action. Your Top 5 Talent Themes are not intended to box you in but rather serve as a platform for reflection and conversation to help you as you navigate opportunities related to academics, career, relationships, and getting involved on campus.