Common Experience

Discover Your Strengths with CliftonStrengths for Students

The Common Experience at NC State supports first-year students in engaging with CliftonStrengths for Students, an online assessment that measures students’ talents and sorts them into a unique rank. This tool helps NC State deepen student and campus engagement, enhance campus culture, increase retention, improve wellbeing, develop leadership skills, and help students consider postgraduation possibilities. Over 4000 members of the Wolfpack have taken the CliftonStregnths Talent Assessment!

With a focus on how first-year students can make the most of their talents to achieve their goals at work and everywhere else, CliftonStrengths for Students is a powerful starting place for understanding the strengths that shape the way an individual navigates life. Whether in the classroom, within a student organization, or amongst your peers, NC State believes this tool can be instrumental in your success on campus and beyond.

Assesment Deadline

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the assessment by Thursday, August 18 to take advantage of various opportunities this fall.

Strength Stories

Students, faculty, and staff have all been impacted by integrating their top 5 Strengths into their everyday lives. Fill out this form to be featured!

Get Involved

Whether you want to learn more about CliftonStrengths with others or on your own, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement offers you more insight into how to utilize your strengths in a variety of settings. From class and leadership positions to a job search and personal relationships, you can leverage your strengths. You can find resources to learn with others, as well as resources to learn on your own.