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New Student Checklist

As a new student, you probably have lots of questions about where to go to find the resources and information you need about living and learning at NC State. The New Student Checklist will help you start on the path to becoming the newest member of the Wolfpack family.

The New Student Checklist is meant to be publicly available to students and family members. Students have the ability to keep track of their Checklist items through their wolfPAW account.

New students can access the interactive New Student Checklist after confirming their enrollment at NC State by logging into their wolfPAW account.

From required items to opportunities you may be interested in, the interactive New Student Checklist will help you keep track of what you have done and what you may need or want to do. 

Admitted as a Spring Connect student? If you are a first-year student accepted into the Spring Connect program, view the separate transition timeline and checklist on NSP’s Spring Connect webpage.

International student? International students may see additional items on their Checklist. Visit the international student-specific section of this Checklist below for more information.

After you are accepted, every student must…

We can’t wait for you to come to campus and start enjoying the Wolfpack life!

  • Log into your wolfPAW account to respond to our offer of admission.
  • Fall Semester Deadline: May 15
  • Spring Connect Deadline: May 15
  • Spring Semester Deadline: December 1

If you choose not to attend, please let Undergraduate Admissions know via your wolfPAW account.

Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)

Your Unity ID is your NC State username that allows you to access all of your records and services while associated with NC State. You need your Unity ID and password to access your email and campus services (e.g., eBilling, financial aid, Registration and Records).

To obtain your unity ID:

  • Log in to with your wolfPAW username and password. You will see your Unity ID credentials (ID and Password) listed on the main page.
  • Your  Unity ID password is initially set to a default value. That is an 8 digit number composed of the last four digits of your ID number (found on the wolfPAW page) followed by your two-digit birth month and two-digit birthday (mmdd). Write down your default password.

Before you can log in to anything, you must set up security questions and create a new, more secure, password for your account. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit 
  • Keep your password private. It is against university policy to share this information with anyone, including a parent or legal guardian.

Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)

(*Required for first-year students, optional for transfer students)

Living on campus is an essential part of the Wolfpack experience; that’s why students are required to live on campus their first year. However, transfer students are not required to live on campus and other exceptions can apply for first-year students. Once you have been offered acceptance at NC State, you can complete a University Housing application. This process is done through MyPack Portal using your unity ID and password.

Select a Preferred Roommate: Students have the opportunity to select a preferred roommate.  Roommate requests must be mutual in order to be considered.  University Housing does its best to accommodate roommate requests but they are not guaranteed.  Housing assignments are randomly made across our housing inventory. Students also have the opportunity to safely connect and communicate with potential roommates through the housing application.

Check out our 15 Living and Learning Villages: Living and Learning Villages provide on-campus residents with an additional community based on interests, goals, and lifestyles. If you plan to apply for a village,  there are additional questions within the housing application.

Phone: 919.515.2440 (University Housing Assignments)

After you are accepted, you may need/choose to…

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) assists students with applying for and securing financial assistance. You will be offered the best funding options available to you depending upon the timing of your application for aid, your level of financial need, and availability funding.  

Students who wish to be considered for federal, state and institutional financial aid must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). NC State University as a priority filing deadline of March 1. However, due to the high number of FAFSA applications received, grant funding is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, it is important to submit the FAFSA and any other requested information as soon as possible. Complete the FAFSA at

Phone: 919.515.NCSU (6278) (Scholarships and Financial Aid)

Once you are offered acceptance to NC State University, you can begin applying for scholarships via our scholarship portal, PackASSIST. For more information, including deadlines, and to log on using your unity credentials, visit:

Phone: 919.515.NCSU (6278) (Scholarships and Financial Aid)

Now that you are part of the Pack, you need to get to know us better.

After confirming enrollment, every student must…

All students will be required to create a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in MyPack Portal in order to access student financial and academic records via phone.


You must submit an official final transcript from all institutions you attended prior to enrolling at NC State. Final acceptance is contingent on your maintaining a level of academic performance that is equal to or better than your previous academic record.

  • Failure to submit an official final transcript will cancel your enrollment
  • Your official final transcript must include your final grades and graduation date. Contact your school to have your transcript sent electronically or by mail to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Fall submission deadline is July 15
  • Spring submission deadline is January 4

Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)

After you register for your first semester courses, you can submit a photo for your student ID card. Visit the Photo Upload webpage and follow the instructions to upload a photo for your Wolfpack One Card student ID. Your card will be available for pick up during Orientation or when you arrive on campus for your first semester. Please watch your campus email for pick up details close to the semester beginning. 

Phone: 919.515.3030

  • Your NC State email account,, is available approximately 48 hours after you have confirmed your enrollment.
  • 48 hours after you have confirmed your enrollment, sync your Unity account password with your NC State Google account by visiting   
  • To log in to your NC State email account visit How do I access my NCSU email.
    • NC State is a Google campus, which means our communication and collaboration is powered by Google. 
  • Official communications, including from professors, are sent to your NC State email account, so check it regularly. 
  • Your NC State email account is provided to you for university business. Be mindful about personal use, such as social media and banking, and link these accounts to a personal email address instead. If you do not have a personal address, you can create a free email account at
  • Authorized users may access University IT resources for occasional, inconsequential personal uses, with no expectation of privacy. Review Personal Use of IT Resources.

Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)

Students are required to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication to protect your data.  NC State supports two services:  Google 2-Step Verification for Google accounts, and Duo for Shibboleth-connected services like MyPack Portal and Wolfware. Visit for more information.

Website: (For assistance:
Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)

Per state law, students must show evidence of existing creditable insurance coverage (coverage under another health plan), purchase a private insurance plan or enroll in the NC State-sponsored plan (Student Blue). Established students will be able to enroll or waive the insurance beginning June 1st (for fall semester) or in early November (for spring semester).

  • Students who do not waive out and decide to purchase the NC State-sponsored plan will be billed through their student account each semester.
  • Visit the HealthyPack website for eligibility information and for more detailed information regarding insurance. To waive or enroll in the plan, visit the Student Blue Plan website.

Phone: 919.515.2563 (Campus Health)

Before arriving at NC State University, students are required to submit their medical histories and proof of required immunizations. North Carolina Law requires that NC State students submit proof of immunizations to Student Health Services within 30 days of the first day of classes at NC State University.

For more information on the requirements, exceptions, exemptions and how to submit records visit the Campus Health website. In addition to submitting immunization records, students are required to complete a Health History Form and TB Questionnaire. Both can be found on the HealthyPack Portal.

Phone: 919.515.2563 (Campus Health)

(*Does not apply to Agricultural Institute students)

To ensure you are registered in the appropriate courses, placement/skills assessments are offered – and some required – in certain subjects such as math, English, chemistry, and foreign languages. To learn more about these assessments, visit the appropriate placement testing webpage linked below.

At NC State, course registration for new students takes place using the online MyPack Portal system and can only be done after completing academic advising. Learn more on the New Student Advising and Course Registration webpage.

To ensure timely registration, you should follow instructions from your advisor, as well as meet the deadlines for placement testing (if applicable) and submission of transcripts and test scores.


Tuition and fees are charged at the beginning of the semester and will not be refunded in the event some or all of the instructional format changes for any part of the academic year or summer session.

Students and parents who have been granted access* will use MyPack Portal to view eBILLs and other student account information. Bills are not mailed.

  • You must make a payment, have a sufficient payment plan or have adequate approved and accepted financial aid prior to the deadline.
  • Student account information is on the Student Homepage, select the Student Accounts tile.  Items are listed on the left.
  • Tuition and Fees must be paid by the date posted on your billing statement to avoid class schedule cancellation.
    • Fall billing is in July
    • Spring billing is in November
  • *Grant parental access to student accounts through the MyPack Portal.  Details are at
  • Sign up for direct deposit through the MyPack Portal to receive refunds.  Details are at
  • Learn more about billing and payment options by visiting
  • Reduce your debt by enrolling in a monthly payment plan –
  • Waive or enroll in the NC State Insurance plan (if you don’t waive, you will automatically be enrolled and billed). Learn more at
  • If you decide not to attend NC State University you must notify Undergraduate Admissions ( no later than the first day of classes.  You must also drop your classes and cancel your housing and dining plan if applicable. You will be responsible for all charges on your account including any charges for late cancellations.

Phone: 919.515.NCSU (6278) (Cashier’s Office)

New Student Orientation is a required transition program that prepares new students for their transition to NC State. A concurrent family program is also offered to introduce families to the academic programs and services available at NC State. Orientation sessions are college-specific and will take place throughout June and July.

Session dates are currently available by visiting the Orientation website.

Phone: 919.515.1234 (New Student Programs)

As part of NC State’s commitment to fostering a healthy environment, all new first-year and transfer students are required to complete online trainings before their first semester. Modules usually become available for summer/fall students in early-June and for spring students in mid-December. Once they are available enrolled students will receive an email with instructions for completing the online trainings.

Phone: 919.515.4405 (Jeff Fay, Module Coordinator)
Email: (Jeff Fay, Module Coordinator)

(*Required for first-year students living on campus, optional for transfer students)

NC State’s award-winning dining program offers a variety of food options that are convenient, fresh, diverse and delicious. From traditional all-you-care-to-eat dining halls to a mix of restaurants, cafes and convenience stores, our program is designed to meet the unique needs and taste of our student body. Whether you live on campus or commute, NC State Dining offers a variety of meal plans that can be tailored to your specific needs.

All first-year students (students entering college for the first time) living in on-campus housing are required to have a meal plan. To learn more, visit You can make any changes to your meal plan for the fall semester by September 15 and spring semester by January 25.

Phone: 1.800.701.4940 (NC State Dining)

The Code of Student Conduct serves as the basis for student behavioral expectations at NC State.  It contains information related to the university’s jurisdiction over student behavior, academic and non-academic violations, sanctions available when a violation occurs, and information regarding interim suspension. Academic violations include cheating, plagiarism, or aiding another to cheat or plagiarize.  Non-academic violations vary widely and include rules concerning alcohol, drugs, infliction or threat of bodily harm, vandalism, disorderly conduct, sexual and racial harassment, sexual assault, and more. All students are strongly encouraged to read and understand the Code of Student Conduct.

Phone: 919.515.2963 (Office of Student Conduct)

After confirming enrollment, you may need/choose to…

All full list of the AP/IB credit policies is available on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

  • All scores must be received directly from the testing agency. Undergraduate Admissions does not accept scores from high school or college transcripts.
  • Learn more about the timeline and how to send your AP scores on the College Board website.
  • Learn more about the timeline and how to send your IB scores on the International Baccalaureate website.
  • NC State’s AP Code is 5496.

Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)

(*First-year students are subject the First-Year Live-On Requirement)

The Off-Campus Housing website is a resource for students to explore housing options near campus and find potential roommates from the NC State community. You can also find local and campus resources for students living off campus.


You can give your parent or guardian online access to view your financial (billing/payment) and academic information (schedule/grades):

Updating Address or Phone Number:
It is very important that your address and phone information are kept current with the university.

Updating Preferred or Non-Legal Name:
While a person’s legal name is used by default, NC State University recognizes that, as a community, many of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. If you designate a ‘Preferred Name’, it will appear instead of the legal name in many university systems and documents (e.g., your Wolfpack One Card).

  • Log in to MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Personal Information tile > Select the ‘Preferred Name’ line > Edit the ‘First Name’ box > Select ‘Save’
  • Learn more about the ‘Preferred or Non-Legal Name’ system on the Student Services Center website

Contact the Disability Resource Office (DRO) should you require accommodations due to a disability (e.g. physical, mental health, learning, etc.).

Phone: 919.515.7653 (Disability Resource Office)

To request a change to your first or second choice major:

  • Fill out the Major Change Request Form .
  • The deadlines for form completion based on your student type and status are available here .
  • Please note: Undergraduate Admissions cannot guarantee your major change request will be approved. You can expect updates on the status of your request via email. You may only submit this form once.

Phone: 919.515.2434 (Undergraduate Admissions)

Most students bring a laptop or other computer when they come to NC State. Be sure to review the computer specifications at and check with your individual department or college before purchasing your computer.

Wolfpack Outfitters offers laptops from Apple, Lenovo, and Dell. Each model is custom configured to meet or exceed the University’s minimum requirements for student laptop purchases. Each model qualifies for education discounts, technical support, and warranty repair from the OIT Walk-In Center, which is located on campus in the West Dunn Building.

Phone: 919.515.2161 (Wolfpack Outfitters)

Parking on campus requires a valid NC State Parking Permit. Permits are sold online beginning in early July for the fall semester and late November for the spring semester.  Eligibility to purchase a permit is based on a student’s Total Credits Passed on file with Registration and Records. First-year residents, with less than 24 total credits passed, are only eligible to purchase a permit to park in the RS-Resident Storage Lot.  This lot has approximately 280 spaces and they are issued via a permit lottery.

Consider these alternative transportation options:

Phone: 919.515.3424 (Transportation)

Be careful about what information you share on all of your devices and never share your password with anyone, even your parents.

  • Phishing attacks are common on campus. Delete all messages requesting your password or other personal information. Never share your password with anyone for any reason, including the NC State Help Desk or other IT staff.
  • Be wary of messages that sound too good to be true, such as unsolicited job offers or prize drawings you did not enter.
  • Password-protect all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Install reputable anti-malware protection and apply software patches and updates as soon as possible.
  • Register your devices with the campus WiFi network, eduroam. Visit for more information.

Phone: 919.515.HELP (4357) (NC State Help Desk)

After you have registered for your classes, go to MyPack Portal or to Wolfpack Outfitters’ website and view your course material list. Students eligible for financial aid may also order their books online, and the bill will be sent directly to the University Cashier’s Office.

Phone:  919.515.2161 (Wolfpack Outfitters)

There are a number of optional supplemental programs offered to assist students in their transition to the university. Consider participating in one (or more) of the following:

Pride Symposium

The Pride Symposium is a half-day welcome and community-building experience designed to provide incoming students with information about the LGBTQ Pride Center, annual events, and ways to get involved. Students will learn about LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus, opportunities to volunteer through the Pride Center, and LGBTQ+ resources in the local community. Incoming students will get a chance to connect with each other and hear from returning students about what it’s like to be LGBTQ+ at NC State. This annual event is a great way for students to make new friends, enjoy free food, and have some fun.


Summer Start

Summer Start helps new students transition to NC State through five weeks of college courses and community-building during Summer Session II. In addition to up to eight credit hours of online coursework, many optional social, academic, leadership, and service programs will be offered. Summer Start will provide a strong introduction to the culture of NC State and a jump start on your academic degree requirements with a smaller community of your peers.


Summer Start Abroad

The Summer Start Abroad programs are 2-week programs that merge the high impact experiences of a first-year inquiry course and study abroad. Students earn 3 GEP credits that count towards their degree before the start of their first semester on campus. Students will be immersed in inquiry-guided learning, led by NC State faculty, utilizing the historic and beautiful cities of Buenos Aires or Prague as their classroom.


Symposium for Multicultural Scholars

The Symposium for Multicultural Scholars is a summer educational and transitional experience for students from historically underserved populations. Its purpose is to foster a sense of community for incoming first-year and transfer students and provide them with information about campus support, personnel, and resources as a basis for helping ensure their academic, social, and emotional success at NC State.


Wolf Camp

Wolf Camp and Wolfpack Bound are optional incoming student outdoor programs for new students at NC State. Students can sign up for a 3 or 4 day trip and meet other new students while engaging in outdoor activities (like kayaking, rock climbing, ziplining, and backpacking) as well as opportunities to learn about succeeding in your first semester from experienced student trip leaders.  All activities are beginner-friendly and no outdoor experience is required!  Your registration fee includes equipment, meals, transportation and instruction by Wellness and Recreation Outdoor Adventures staff.


Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions (WPWS)

Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions (WPWS) is a free, online, multidisciplinary course created for all incoming first-year and transfer students at NC State. As students take a deep dive into (Y)Our Health, learning directly from NC State faculty who are contributing to diverse solutions around the world. This is a great way to orient yourself to the digital learning technologies you will use throughout your career at NC State. You can earn two (2) NC State credit hours for completion at no cost. Contact your advisor for additional information.


As an international student, you may need to complete the following items…

(*Required ONLY for international students on F-1 visa type)

To be considered for an F-1 student visa, visit a U.S. Embassy in your country. Find a U.S. Embassy at

You’ll need to present the documents below:

  • Your acceptance letter from NC State
  • Your original bank statement(s)
  • Your I-20
  • View a full list of required documents here.
How to Request Your Electronic I-20
  • Upload a copy of the biographical page of your passport. 
  • Confirm your enrollment on this form.
  • Pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit.
  • Your I-20 will be emailed to you within 10 business days after you accept your offer of admission.

(*Required ONLY for international students on J-1 visa type)

To be considered for an J-1 student visa, visit a U.S. Embassy in your country. Find a U.S. Embassy at

You’ll need to present the documents below:

  • Your acceptance letter from NC State
  • Your original bank statement(s)
  • Your DS-2019
  • View a full list of required documents here.
How to Request Your DS-2019
  • Confirm your enrollment on this form.
  • Pay the $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit.
  • Upload a copy of the biographical page of your passport. 
  • Your DS-2019 will be emailed to you within 10 business days after the enrollment deposit has been paid.

(*Required ONLY for international students transferring to NC State from another school)

Transfer Your SEVIS Record for a New I-20
  • Please upload those materials for review (I-94, Visa Clearance Form, passport, etc.)
  • NC State will process your new I-20 once your current school releases your SEVIS record to NC State.
    • You will no longer have work authorization at your current school after your SEVIS record is released.
  • NC State will send an email to {{Email}} when your I-20 is ready.
Provide Health Records

North Carolina Immunization law registration requires the following:

  • Copies of Your Immunization Records (translated to English)
  • Completed TB Questionnaire (online)

More information about Immunization and instructions on how to complete the TB Compliance can be found here.

The Office of International Services at NC State will contact you with pre-arrival information closer to the beginning of the semester.

(*Required ONLY for international students on F-1 or J-1 visa types)

Pre-arrival information is available on the Office of International Services (OIS) website.

Phone: 919.515.2961 (Office of International Services)