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Family Access to Student Records

An NC State student’s education record is considered confidential under federal law; this law is called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). NC State University will not disclose education records without prior consent. Additional information can be found through the Office of General Counsel and Registration and Records.

Students do have the right and ability to grant access for a third party (parents, guardians) to view academic records. This may include grades, tuition statements, attendance, transcripts, etc. Students who choose to share this information with a third party should complete the consent forms online via MyPack Portal > Student Self Service > Campus Personal Info > Parent/Guardian. Once consent is provided, those parties given access must contact the Department of Registration and Records to request this information. This form will allow students to specify the records to be disclosed and the identity of the person to whom the records will be disclosed.

>Step by step instructions for granting parental access

>Video tutorial on adjusting FERPA settings

Parents may obtain a student’s education records without the student’s consent only if they show the university that the student is their financial dependent under tax law. In health or safety emergencies the university may release relevant student records to parents. Additionally, the university may notify parents of alcohol or drug violations by students under the age of 21. Our hope is that even though students have the right to decide who can inspect or review their records, students will begin the conversation about sharing this information with those who need to know.

Students should never share their Unity password with anyone, not even their parents. Any password sharing is a violation of the Computer Use Regulation.