At NC State University, assessment is considered an important tool that facilitates discussion about academic and student programs and provides useful information to guide continuous program improvement. We collaborate each year with the Office of Assessment within the Division of Academic & Student Affairs, to design and implement a successful assessment plan.

Most Recent Assessment Reports (Full Year and Summer Specific)

  • 2015-2016 New Student Programs Annual Report
    Provides an overview of the scope of programs and services sponsored by New Student Programs, as well as the ways in which NSP is supporting the strategic plans of the university and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. Other items include specific information on the professional leadership positions of staff and awards won during the year. 
  • 2016 New Student & Parents Orientation Summer Assessment Report
    Provides an overview of assessment directly related to the New Student Orientation and Parents’ Orientation programs coordinated and implemented by New Student Programs in Summer 2016. These items relate specifically to student and parent learning and the participants’ experiences with our orientation programs. 
  • 2016 Wolfpack Welcome Week Assessment Report
    Provides an overview of assessment directly related to Wolfpack Welcome Week (WWW), a university-wide series of programs annually held in August to welcome incoming students to campus and welcome back returning students. These items relate specifically to the student experience during WWW.
  • 2015 Common Reading Assessment Overview
    Provides an overview of assessment directly related to the Common Reading Program, a university-wide initiative aimed at first-year students to provide a shared intellectual experience during their initial transition to campus.

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