Advising & Course Registration

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At NC State, course registration for Summer Start students can only be completed after consultation with an academic advisor from your college.

Transfer Students

Advising for Summer Start can occur at the same time as your conversation with your academic advisor about fall classes. Click here for a listing of academic advisors for transfer students. Once you have spoken with your advisor, us the online MyPack Portal system to enroll in classes.

First-Year Students

Course registration is completed by the Summer Start staff based upon the recommendations of your academic advisor AFTER you have completed the course preference information on the Summer Start Sign Up Form. 

This process only pertains to your course registration for Summer Session II (Summer Start). You will register for your fall semester courses at a later date in conjunction with your academic program.

The Summer Start Sign Up Form and any needed placement tests should be completed by early May 2021 in order to assist in the course registration process (Note: Placement tests do not apply to students in the Agricultural Institute). This timeline is earlier than the placement test deadline, so please plan accordingly.  You can determine which placement tests you need to complete by reviewing this page.

Once you have completed the needed course registration information, and the information has been reviewed by your academic advisor, the Summer Start staff will register you for your summer courses. You will receive confirmation of registration via email from Summer Start once this has been completed.

Sample Course Schedules

On your Summer Start application, you will indicate the classes you are interested in taking during Summer Session II.  Below you will find sample schedules for each college or program based on the course loads of Summer Start students in the past.

In some of the sample schedules below, you will see some general terms representing the types of classes you might take over the summer.  These include:

  • GEP Course: a class that fulfills a requirement for the General Education Program, NC State’s academic initiative aiming to provide students with diverse and dynamic learning opportunities.  GEP Courses include an assortment of classes and will vary depending on your major.
  • Math Course: a math course that will be recommended for you by your academic advisor based on your major and Math Placement Test score. Examples of courses students frequently take during Summer Start include: MA 111: Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry; MA 131: Calculus for Life and Management Sciences; or MA 141: Calculus I.
  • Science Course: a science course that will be recommended for you by your academic advisor based on your major and Chemistry Placement Test score (first-year placement test webpage or transfer placement test webpage). Science courses consist of time in a lecture setting as well as in a lab.  Examples of courses students frequently take during Summer Start include: BIO 181: Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity; CH 101: Chemistry- A Molecular Science; CH 111: Preparatory Chemistry.
  • Health Exercise Studies Fitness Course: a physical education course that fulfills a portion of your GEP requirement for the Health and Exercise Studies category. Examples of courses students take during Summer Start include: HESF 101: Fitness and Wellness; HESF 104: Swim Conditioning; HESF 237: Weight Training; HESF 279: Yoga I.
Sample Weekly Schedule

Please keep in mind these serve as examples of course pairings you might take over the summer.  Your actual schedule may differ from these depending on placement test scores, transfer credits, and major selection.