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Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are a team of dedicated undergraduate students whose primary responsibility is to assist new students and their families with their transition into the NC State community and Wolfpack family. They serve as resources, facilitators, and official representatives of the University during Orientation and transition programs.

To help aid applicants with preparation for what the role will entail, this website contains a description of responsibilities and expectations for the orientation program. All interested applicants are highly encouraged to attend an information session to learn more about the application process and the expectations of the role.

The Orientation Leader role will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your personal values, challenge yourself, and most importantly aid new students in their transition to North Carolina State University. We are excited you are considering making this role a part of your NC State experience.

Let’s hear from the OLumni!

“It was a great experience getting to know and work alongside a group of peers that are really passionate about helping new students and becoming leaders in their community. The connections that you make as an Orientation Leader can’t be found anywhere else and will last throughout your time at NC State”

  • Ryan Mulvihill, Junior in Humanities & Social Sciences, Psychology

“Being an OL has allowed me to connect to the Wolfpack family in ways that I cannot describe. To work with a team of people who want to see you grow as a leader and as an individual was something that I enjoyed the most during my time as an OL.During the summer, it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with incoming students and families to help them transition into college life. I feel even more connected to the NC State community than ever before.”

  • Jay Jones, Senior in Nuclear Engineering

“My favorite part of being an Orientation Leader was bonding with other members of the NC State community. I met a lot of new people while serving in this role, and many of these introductions have turned into meaningful friendships. It is such a joy to run into students who were in your small group or tour group, see how well they have adjusted to college life, and hear about the memories they are making!”

  • Maggie Hensley, Junior in Humanities & Social Sciences, English-Linguistics

“Being an OL gave me experience working with a diverse group of individuals and cohesive team. I also was able to hone my customer service skills by working with many different students and guests daily.”

  • Justin Peterkin, Senior in Business Administration

“As an orientation leader this past summer, I was able to help incoming students during a difficult time for us all. As a first generation Latinx college student, it was a way that I could reach out to students who might also be struggling with the same questions that I had when I first transitioned to college. Not only that, but just to be able to connect and meet with new people with different backgrounds, cultures and stories made each and every day that much more exciting.”

  • Nestor Rodriguez-Garcia, Junior, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Political Science and Public Relations

“My favorite part of becoming an Orientation Leader was being immersed into such a diverse and accepting team. My summer was filled with lots of teamwork, building friendships and endless amounts of support and encouragement and it’s one of my favorite experiences I’ve had here at State. Being an OL also sets you up for knowing almost everything about campus which Is pretty awesome, and I still sometimes share random facts I’ve learned with my friends!”

  • Laila Mohamed, Senior in Psychology

“You should apply for this position because you’re going to have an experience of a lifetime. I’ve gained so much personal and professional development from this job like confidence and how to be a leader.”

  • Stephy Lee, Senior in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

“Being an OL taught me patience and compassion for all kinds of people. I realized how much I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their unique experiences. I grew a lot this summer and became very patient and empathetic, but I also had a blast with 34 new friends!”

  • Hannah Summers, Senior in Chemical Engineering

“My favorite part about being an Orientation Leader was getting to be a part of making new students feel more comfortable and excited about their new home at NC State. I loved getting to answer their questions and help them transition into college!”

  • Nicholas Williams, Senior in Political Science

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