Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are a team of dedicated and diverse undergraduate students whose primary responsibility is to assist new students and their families with their transition into the NC State community and Wolfpack family. They serve as resources, facilitators, and official representatives of the University during Orientation and transition programs.

The application for summer 2018 Orientation Leader is now available online until Wednesday, October 11, 2017!

Visit the Recruitment and Selection webpage for information session dates, the online application, and details about the interview process.


  • Serve as a role model and resource to students while representing the University professionally
  • Share knowledge about the University’s history, campus resources, and expectations. When appropriate, they refer guests to additional resources and campus departments.
  • Facilitate engaging and well-organized small group meetings for new students
  • Help students and parents acclimate to the physical campus by leading campus tours, providing directions, and escorting them to sessions
  • Assist students with navigating MyPack Portal during the course registration process
  • Proactively provide customer service to guests throughout the program
  • Provide assistance to faculty and staff who present or advise during Orientation
  • Work as a team with the Orientation Leaders to deliver information through various performances
  • Develop and display a level of understanding regarding social justice, diversity, and inclusion
  • Serve as an ongoing resource to new students and families with a professional OL Twitter account


Selected students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student (undergraduate)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Be in good standing with the university
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Live in the provided on-campus housing accommodations throughout summer employment
  • Not take any summer coursework or have outside employment from June 6 – July 28, 2018

Time Commitment

Individual commitment to all training and employment dates is essential to the success of the Orientation Leader team. If you have a conflict with any of the employment dates and would like to know if you are still eligible to apply for the position, please contact Quentin Hodges at orientation@ncsu.edu or 919-515-1234. Dates are subject to change.

Fall 2017 Semester

  • Meet the Orientation Leaders Meeting: Friday, November 17 from 3:00-6:00pm

Spring 2018 Semester

  • USC 223 Orientation Leader Development: 2-credit hour course, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:15pm
  • NSP Leadership On-Campus Retreat: Saturday, January 20, 2018 (Full Day)
  • SROW Preparation Days
    • Saturday February 10, 2018 (1pm-6pm)
    • Saturday, February 24, 2018 (1pm-6pm)
  • SROW (Southern Region Orientation Workshop) at the University of Central Florida: Evening of Thursday, March 15 – Sunday, March 18, 2018

Summer 2018

  • Summer Training: June 6, 2017 – June 17, 2018 (Full-time)
  • Summer Orientation Sessions: June 18, 2018 – July 27, 2018 (not including weekends)
    • The typical working day for an OL during Orientation Sessions is 7:00am-11:00pm
    • Note: Outside employment is not permitted June 6 – July 27, 2018.
    • Note: Summer coursework at NC State or any other institution (in-person or online) is not permitted from June 6 through July 27, 2018.

Fall 2018 Semester

  • August Orientation Session: Thursday, August 16 – Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Wolfpack Welcome Week (Friday, August 17 – Saturday, August 25): Provide on-site assistance at the Meet the Pack, Convocation, Chancellor’s New Student Cookout, and at least one other event (based on OL availability).

Spring 2019

  • Spring Orientation 2019 (Dates in January 2019 TBD)

Compensation and Benefits

  • $2200 gross salary paid throughout the summer employment period. 2019 Spring Orientation will also be paid at an hourly rate for $9 per hour. (Pay dates will be determined by the University payroll system.  All pay is subject to state and federal taxes.)
  • Funded trip to participate in the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) including conference registration, overnight accommodations, meals and other materials needed
  • On-Campus Housing provided June 6 – July 28, 2018
  • Most meals provided during orientation sessions with $100 conference card supplement

In addition to the compensation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the University’s history, opportunities, and resources, and share this knowledge with incoming students and their families
  • Gain both leadership and professional experience including time management, group facilitation, cultural competency, and public speaking
  • Meet and work with administrators, faculty, and staff from across the University
  • Be part of a supportive team of student leaders while having an unforgettable summer experience


Are OLs the tour guides that lead tours for prospective students during the academic year?

  • No. Tours for prospective students are led by University Ambassadors. You may contact the Joyner Visitor Center at 919-513-1200 to learn more about the Ambassador position.

I am a graduate student. Can I be an Orientation Leader?

  • No. Only undergraduate students are eligible for the Orientation Leader position.

I am unable to take the USC 223 class. Can I still be an OL?

  • No. You must be able to enroll in the USC 223 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00-4:15pm during the Spring 2018 semester.

Can I take summer classes while I am an OL?

  • No. Orientation Leaders will not be permitted to take any summer coursework at NC State or any other institution (in-person or online) from June 6 – July 27, 2018.

Can I be employed by another job while I am an OL?

  • Outside employment is not permitted from June 6 – July 27, 2018 including weekends.

I plan to study abroad in the Fall 2018 semester. Can I still be an OL?

  • Yes, we are willing to work with students who plan to study abroad. If your departure date prohibits you from the employment dates in August, your stipend would be reduced accordingly.

Do I have to live on campus while employed as an OL?

  • Yes. Even if an OL has off-campus housing, they must stay in the residence hall during summer training and orientation sessions. When new students are not staying in the halls (typically Friday and Saturday nights), OLs are permitted to stay off campus.

Let’s hear from the OLumni!


“I became an OL to make a difference, but in the end, there was a difference in me.”
Ada Evbuomwan, Senior, Business Administration

“Being an OL really helped me develop amazing public speaking skills. I used to be the person that would never speak up in class, but now I’m never afraid to share my thoughts and opinions!”

Hunter Gibson, Senior, Social Work

“To be an OL is to be provided with an opportunity to affect our campus climate for the better. When you hear how wonderful it is to be part of the Wolfpack, 5, 10, or 20 years from now, you will know that you played a large role in creating that.”

Craig Prince, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

“I applied to be an OL because I wanted to help incoming students find community here at NC State. In this process, I found myself immersed in a community that is stronger than I could have ever imagined! Not only did this experience help me find lifelong friends, I also learned about campus resources and gained connections with campus partners. Undoubtedly, these will be to my benefit for the rest of the time I spend at NC State!”
Stacy Partin, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences

“Being an Orientation Leader was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences I have had at NC State. Working with like-minded people who care about the wellness of first-year students and their success created a community for me that has shaped my college experience and given me life-long friendships.”
Shaunaci Stevens, Sophomore, Exploratory Studies

“My Orientation Leader experience is something I will always cherish. Not only was it one of the most fun summers I’ve ever had, but it was also the most fulfilling. I learned more about myself and the world around me in three months than I previously had in 20 years. I would strongly recommend the OL experience to any student who wishes to make a real difference on campus, and also better themselves as a person.”
Josh Stone, Junior, Civil Engineering

Questions? Email New Student Programs at orientation@ncsu.edu