Student Coordinator Recruitment

Each year New Student Programs selects a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate leaders interested in taking their leadership and professional experience to the next level. Student Coordinators build upon the knowledge and skills they gained as Orientation Leaders, as they serve as both mentors and supervisors to the next team of Orientation Leaders.

Student Coordinators must be strong role models and focused on the development of the new Orientation Leaders. Student Coordinators will assist in the selection, training, and supervision of the Orientation Leader team. Student Coordinators are expected to provide leadership and collaboration in their areas of responsibility, but also to contribute ideas and energy in other areas of Orientation planning. Student Coordinators will gain a thorough understanding of the logistics associated with planning and implementing Orientation.


Eligible candidates must:

  • Have one year of experience as an Orientation Leader;
  • Exhibit commitment to the mission of New Student Programs;
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher must be maintained throughout employment;
  • Be in good standing with the university;
  • Exhibit the ability to effectively serve as a peer mentor;
  • Display the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of team members;
  • Show strong public speaking and group facilitation skills;
  • Possess the following personal qualities: organized, dedicated, creative, hardworking, patient, confident, high energy and willing to learn;
  • Thrive in environments that require both structure and flexibility;
  • Demonstrate quick problem solving abilities.

Commitments and Responsibilities

Length of the Position

The Student Coordinator position begins in the Fall 2018 semester with recruitment and selection of the Orientation Leader team as well as assist in the planning and preparation for the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) conference. In the Spring 2019 semester, SCs will assist with the USC 223 Orientation Leader Development class and attend weekly meetings/trainings with the professional staff. Beginning in May 2019, SCs will return to campus for SC Training, then assist with OL Training, and continue their employment through the June and July Orientation sessions. Employment continues in the fall with August Orientation and Wolfpack Welcome Week commitments and concludes in Spring 2020 with Spring Orientation.

Fall 2018 Semester

Orientation Leader Recruitment

  • Orientation Leader Information Sessions
    • SCs will assist with at least one Info Session (each around 1 hour).
    • September 20 (5:30-6:30pm)
    • September 26 (12:00-1:00pm)
    • October 1 (5:30-6:30pm)
    • October 9 (5:30-6:30pm)
    • October 12 (3:00-4:00pm)
  • Orientation Leader Individual Interviews
    • SCs will assist in approximately 30 interviews (each around 25 minutes).
    • Interviews will take place between October 8 and October 19
  • Orientation Leader Group Interviews
    • SCs will assist with all group interviews
      • Monday, November 5 (5:30-11:00pm)
      • Tuesday, November 6 (5:30-11:00pm)
  • Selection Meeting
    • SCs will help select the incoming staff of Orientation Leaders on Sunday, November 11 from 1-5pm.
  • MTO!
    • SCs will assist with Meet the OLs on Friday, November 16 from 2:30-6:00pm
      • Tunnel painting may require an earlier start

Southern Regional Orientation Workshop

  • SCs will choose between doing a presentation proposal or participation in case study
  • SCs will develop plans for OL participation in SROW


  • SC Retreat Day
    • SCs will participate in a retreat on Sunday, September 16 from 1:00pm-7:00pm
  • Fall Check-ins (Scheduled based on availability)
    • Week of October 1st
    • Week of October 28
    • Week of December 3rd
Spring 2019 Semester

Spring 2019 Orientation

  • SCs will be required to assist with Spring 2019 Orientation
    • Wednesday, January 2-Friday, January 4
    • SCs will be paid $9/hr during Spring Orientation.

NSP Student Leader Class

  • USC 223 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:15pm)
    • SCs will be required to attend the Student Leader Development course
    • Facilitate group discussions, community builders, and other training activities
    • Mentor a small group of Orientation Leaders (Includes individual check-in meetings and at least two mentor group outings)
  • NSP Student Leader Retreat
    • SCs will be needed to help facilitate activities, including the Mentor Group Reveal, on Saturday, January 19 from 8:00am-8:00pm.

Southern Regional Orientation Workshop

  • SROW Training Days (Dates TBD)
    • Implement the S3D plan developed in Fall Semester including teaching spirit, etiquette, etc.
  • SROW Conference at Coastal Carolina in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    • Friday, March 15-Sunday, March 17 (During Spring Break)

Office Hours

  • Schedule five (5) paid office hours per week
  • Office duties including answering phones, making copies and working on various projects

Weekly Meetings

  • SC Team will meet for 1.5 hours each week including trainings and class preparations
  • SCs are expected to participate in all trainings and discussions
  • Meetings will be scheduled based on availability of the staff
May- July 2019 Employment

Note: Student Coordinators will not be permitted to hold outside employment or take any summer coursework (in-person or online) from May 22-August 2, 2019.

SC Training

  • Wednesday, May 22-Tuesday,June 4, 2019 (8am-5pm)
    • Some independent night/weekend work may be required

OL Training

  • Wednesday, June 5-Friday, June 16, 2019 (8am-10pm)
    • Assist with planning and facilitation of Orientation Leader Summer Training sessions

Orientation Sessions

  • June 18-August 2 (7am-11pm with staggered nights off)
    • Collaborate with the NSP team and campus partners to coordinate aspects of the Orientation program (see list of potential projects below)
    • Serve as a peer supervisor to the Orientation Leader Team and co-facilitate staff evaluation meetings
    • Provide assistance to new students and families throughout the Orientation program
    • Provide assistance to representatives of University Departments or Colleges during the Orientation program
    • Facilitate Orientation presentations for students and/or parents
    • Participate in a nightly on-call rotation during the Orientation program to respond to situations in the residence hall
  • Potential Summer Projects: Each SC will be assigned to work independently and collaboratively on specific projects throughout summer employment. Though it is subject to change based on programmatic needs, the following is a list of previous SC projects.
    • Check-In
    • Registration Labs
    • Orientation Presentations
    • Student Staff Traditions
    • Technology Assistance
    • Orientation Leader Work Schedules
    • Social Media Assistance
    • Evening Activities
    • Wayfinding
August 2019 Employment

August Orientation

  • Work Orientation on Thursday, August 15-Friday, August 16, 2019

Wolfpack Welcome Week

  • Assist with WWW events for 12 hours from August 16-August 24, 2019, inclusive of New Student Convocation, Chancellor’s New Student Cookout and other NSP welcome events. Schedules will be determined based on departmental needs and student availability.

If you would like to apply but already know of a conflict with one of the dates listed above, please contact Quentin Hodges at to discuss potential options.


  • $9.00/hour during Spring Orientation
  • Up to 5 office hours per week with a rate of $9.00/hour during the Spring semester (based on availability).
  • Gross salary of $2825 throughout summer employment. (Pay dates will be determined by the University payroll system. All pay is subject to state and federal taxes)
  • Meals at Fountain Dining Hall during Orientation sessions and a $150 Conference Card for meals when Orientation is not in session.
  • On-Campus housing during summer employment (May 22-August 2, 2019).
  • Note: on-campus parking is not included in the summer employment package but can be purchased by the employee. A vehicle is not necessary for this position.

Recruitment Process

Students who are interested in the SC position are required to arrange an appointment to learn more about the position between Wednesday, August 22 and Friday, August 31, 2018. To arrange a meeting, please email Quentin Hodges (, and he will arrange a one-on-one meeting with you. The intent of the informational meeting is to give you an accurate and realistic perspective of the commitment necessary for the position, including changes for the upcoming year. We encourage you to use this opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have about the job.

Student Coordinators must submit a one-page typed cover letter and their resume (both in .pdf format) indicating their interest in this position. The cover letter should include:

  • Why you are interested in continuing to work with new students and families;
  • Why you are interested in serving as a mentor and peer supervisor to the Orientation Leaders;
  • How the position would help you grow personally and professionally;
  • What unique skills or strengths you can contribute to this position and NSP;
  • Any commitments you may have that would prevent you from attending the meetings, classes and training

Application Deadline: Candidates must submit their cover letter and resume (both in .pdf format) to Quentin Hodges ( by Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 12pm. Once you have submitted your application materials, you will schedule an individual interview for a time September 5 or September 6. If you are not available during the listed times, please email Quentin to arrange an alternate time.  

Note: We will accept applications until all positions have been filled.