General expenses to participate in the Summer Start program include tuition and fees, housing, dining, and books. Your individual expenses will depend on how many courses you take, how much you want to spend on meals, and what books/supplies you need to purchase. And, don’t forget your extra spending money!

Costs for 2017 (Provided as an example; costs for 2018 will be available in the spring)

In-State Out-of-State
Tuition & Fees (estimated for 6 credit hours) $1,797.30 $5,349.30
Housing (includes internet and laundry) $682.50 $682.50
Dining (12 meals/week + dining dollars) $500 $500
Textbooks (estimated) $200 $200
TOTAL* $3,179.80 $6,731.80

*Costs may vary and depend on number of credit hours student is enrolled in. For more information, visit the Cashiers Office.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial Aid will be available for the Summer Start program depending on your specific circumstances. To be considered for financial assistance, make sure you have completed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and that it has been sent to NC State University. As a reminder, NC State’s priority deadline to complete the FAFSA is March 1.

Click here to learn more about NC State’s eligibility requirements to receive financial aid.

To learn more about the services and resources offered to help you financially navigate your academic career, including applying and receiving financial aid, visit the NC State Student Services Center.

Viewing & Paying Your Bill

Summer Session II tuition and fees will be available in May 2018 via MyPack Portal. Please note: there is no payment plan available during the summer so all bills must be paid by the deadline, which will be published in spring 2018.

Use the links below to access resources available through the NC State Student Services Center for more information about your bill:

Should you be interested in giving your parent or guardian online access to view your financial (billing/payment) and academic (schedule/grades) information:

  • Log in to MyPack Portal. Go to Main Menu > Student Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Parent/Guardian Access. Detailed instructions are available here.
  • To learn more about your academic records and the laws that protect them, visit https://policies.ncsu.edu/regulation/reg-11-00-01