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Summer Start Mentors

A Summer Start Mentor is a caring and responsible student leader who serves as a guide to incoming first-year and transfer students participating in the Summer Start program. Summer Start Mentors work collaboratively with the Summer Start professional staff to help students develop important academic and social skills, participate in new opportunities, and learn about a wide array of campus resources.  They also develop close individual relationships with each of their mentees through weekly one-on-one meetings and participation in program events, such as cookouts, sponsored trips, and other social activities.

To help aid applicants with preparation for what the role will entail, this website contains a description of responsibilities and expectations for the orientation program. All interested applicants are highly encouraged to attend an information session to learn more about the application process and the expectations of the role.

The Summer Start Mentor role will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your personal values, challenge yourself, and most importantly aid new students in their transition to North Carolina State University. We are excited you are considering making this role a part of your NC State experience.

Applications will open September 25, 2023

What are previous Summer Start Mentors saying?

My favorite part about being a Summer Start Mentor is being able to meet with so many different people. I also really enjoyed hanging out with all of the mentors during the events as it really made my summer much more enjoyable!

  • Nicholas Peluso, 2023 Summer Start Mentor

“My experience as a Summer Start Mentor was amazing! I was able to build meaningful relationships with my mentees and fellow mentors. I can confidently say that I had an unforgettable summer.”

  • Anuja Koirala, 2023 Summer Start Mentor

“The most important part of being a Summer Start Mentor is creating lasting memories with both the mentees and the mentors; that is what I accomplished. I enjoyed spending time with my mentees in our one on one meeting. I got to see a different side of them and how each was unique. It made me appreciate those 30 minutes with them and the time we had in our meetings. I appreciate the other mentors for being inclusive and supportive in everything. Summer Start was the highlight of my summer and I cannot wait to bring it up every chance I get!”

  • Andrea Martinez-Sandoval, 2023 Summer Start Mentor

“Coming to campus as a Summer Start Mentor made my summer an experience I will never forget. Seeing how the new students start to grow and adapt to college life so quickly made me excited and curious about what the future holds for them. In addition, the other Summer Start Mentors and Pro-staff made this experience even better by building a connection and a family that will last forever.”

  • Yasser Cardenas, 2023 Summer Start Mentor