NODA Graduate Intern Recruitment

As part of our commitment to student leadership development, NSP provides employment opportunities to graduate students through the NODA Internship Program coordinated by the Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education (NODA). NODA Interns at NC State support the coordination and implementation of summer Orientation programs and the Summer Start Program while assisting with the training and supervision of student leaders.

NSP will offer two graduate internship positions for summer 2019:

*The Summer Start internship is also open to current NC State graduate students to apply. Email a resume and cover letter to to apply. 



Julianne Britt
2018 Summer Start Graduate Intern

NSP’s commitment to the professional and personal growth of their student staff and graduate interns was immediately evident upon starting my position as the Summer Start graduate intern.

I was encouraged by staff members to seek out opportunities that aligned with my future career goals, and I was supported while incorporating additional responsibilities into my role. I always felt like my perspective mattered with the strategic planning and implementation of programs, student activities, and student staff leadership. The #NSPFam continually supported me while I strived to make a difference at NC State, and I am incredibly thankful for this experience!”

Patrick Rogers
2018 NODA Orientation Intern

“I applied for the NODA Orientation Intern position with New Student Programs at NC State because the position description aligned with areas of growth I wanted to gain… However, this experience was beyond just the job description.

Throughout the internship, there was a clear commitment to my own development and learning. I was welcomed onto the collaborative team and consistently encouraged to contribute my own previous experiences and opinions as a member of the team. I was also appropriately challenged with independent projects and assignments to further develop my experience with large-scale programming for new students and supporting the individualized needs of student staff members and new students and families. This experience gave me the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with professional staff and student staff which made me feel welcomed and supported within this role. Being part of the #NSPfam has reminded me why I want to pursue student affairs as a career while also preparing me with essential skills as a soon-to-be professional in the field”

Hannah Finkelstein
2016-2017 Graduate Assistant

“In working in NSP, I’ve been shown practices in professionalism, project management, and inclusion in a way that has fundamentally enhanced my understanding of this field.

In this office, we believe people matter, and embody that mission in our daily work. New Student Programs staff work tirelessly to provide robust and meaningful experiences for students throughout their transition to college. Not only will you have the opportunity to see incredibly thoughtful planning, but you will also learn what it means for an office to prioritize students and their development. It is impossible to be surrounded by this exceptional professional and student staff and not want to take on challenges to grow in your own professional development. New Student Programs fosters an environment that will challenge you to grow and support you through those obstacles. I could not be more grateful for my time with the #NSPFam.”

Sam Blue
2017 Summer Start Undergraduate Intern

“NSP has a way of welcoming people into their office and making people feel like they have known everyone for years.

Being the undergraduate intern made me grow professionally, socially and made me realize the career I wanted to pursue. This position lets you try everything out! From planning a program to conflict management, there is nothing you will not experience. I would never, ever change working for Summer Start or NSP. It made me the person I am today.”


Kylie Stamm
2015 NODA Orientation Intern

“My summer at NC State was greatly rewarding, both professionally and personally.

My background in undergrad was impacted by my experiences with our orientation program, but it had been quite a few years since I had been back in the polo! I found everything I was looking for in a summer internship experience at NC State. I sought experience working with an overnight program at a large public institution, a co-intern, supervision and training opportunities, presentation experience, a better understanding of first-year and family transition programs, and the space to work closely with undergraduate student leaders. I couldn’t believe I succeeded in obtaining all of those experiences and so much more!”

Holly Lovern
2015 NODA Orientation Intern

“My summer spent at NC State was incredible.

Ilearned so much about summer orientation and the first-year experience, as well as the entire institution. Everyone I met, from the Orientation Leaders and Student Coordinators to the professional staff were so welcoming and did everything they could to make my summer impactful, fun, and memorable. The NSP staff is truly committed to providing a fantastic experience for newest members of the Wolfpack family.”