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Spring Connect Summer/Fall Advising

Spring Connect students have the flexibility to choose between a number of opportunities prior to beginning classes in the Spring 2024 semester. Students can choose to attend another community college or university in the summer or fall, and if you do want to take classes, we encourage you to consider an NC Community College.

Should you choose to take courses at another institution in the summer or fall, NC State advisors are available to provide academic advising assistance in making course selections. It is strongly encouraged that you work with an NC State advisor before registering for courses at another institution. This will help ensure that courses will transfer in appropriately and help you maintain progress towards your degree.

Click on your college or academic program for information on how your college or program will provide advising assistance if you are enrolling in summer/fall courses at other institutions.

Note: Students will register for courses at NC State for the Spring 2024 semester in mid-October 2023. Instructions and details will be available in Fall 2023.