Summer Start Prep List

As a Summer Start participant, you may be wondering about what you need to do to prepare for the summer and where to find the resources and information related to Summer Start. This Prep List serves as your roadmap for all the things that you need or may want to do before beginning on June 17! Note: This Prep List does not replace the New Student Checklist but is meant to help you prepare for the Summer Start program specifically. Click here to access the New Student Checklist.  Click through the items below to begin preparing for your Summer Start experience!

Follow on Social Media & Check Email

Now that you are part of Summer Start, you need to get to know us better. Follow these important groups to connect, access information, and stay up-to-date on deadlines.

You should also make sure to check your personal and NC State email regularly for important information about your Summer Start experience, including course registration, important deadlines, and what to expect this summer! While you are at it, be sure to set up your NC State email account! To learn how to set up your NC State email, visit the Office for Information Technology’s website.

Complete Advising & Course Registration

Whether you are a first-year or transfer student, there are steps you need to take to complete your advising and course registration for summer. Please look through the information below that pertains to you.

First-Year Students

On your Summer Start sign up form, you indicated courses related to your major that you were interested in taking.  Your academic advisor is reviewing that information, along with any transfer or AP credit you may be bringing to the university.  They are sharing recommendations for your summer course schedule with Summer Start staff.  Then, our staff will go ahead and register you for those classes.  Once we register you for classes, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions on how to view your summer schedule. This process only pertains to your course registration for Summer Session II (Summer Start). You will register for your fall semester courses at a later date in conjunction with your academic program.

Any needed placement tests (indicated here in your college-specific information) should be completed as soon as possible in order to assist in the advising and course registration process. 

Transfer Students

You may complete course registration after speaking with your academic advisor by accessing the MyPack Portal system. Click here for a listing of academic advisors for transfer students. Advising for Summer Start can occur at the same time as your conversation with your academic advisor about fall classes.

Learn about your Financial Aid Award

If you have completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you have been considered for potential financial aid awards. To learn about any financial aid you have been awarded, visit the Receiving your Financial Aid page on the Student Services Center website. Have specific questions about your award? Contact your Financial Aid Counselor! Click here to find your Financial Aid Counselor’s name.

Website: Phone: 919.515.2421 (Scholarships and Financial Aid) Email:

View & Pay Your Summer Bill

Summer Session II tuition and fees will be available beginning May 19 via MyPack Portal and are due by June 2. Please note: there is no payment plan available during the summer so all bills must be paid by June 2. Use the links below to access resources available through the NC State Student Services Center for more information about your bill:

Enroll in Direct Deposit

In order to have financial aid or other refunds deposited directly into a US checking account, students are required to complete direct deposit information. Failure to have current direct deposit information will delay refunds. Funds can be deposited into a checking account (not a savings account) at any US bank. Find the steps for completing your direct deposit information here.

Complete Required Online Education

As part of NC State’s commitment to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment, all new first-year and transfer students are required to complete online trainings before the stated deadline below, before their first semester. Online education courses cover topics including:

  • Alcohol education (required for students under age 21 as of August 19, 2020)
  • Hazing prevention
  • Sexual assault prevention (Title IX)

The online education courses will be available for students in early June 2020 if they are starting at NC State in summer or fall 2020. Once they are available, visit for instructions on completing the online trainings, and complete the trainings by the following dates:

  • Deadline for Summer Start participants: June 17, 2020, Deadline for Alcohol Wise Part 2 is July 17, 2020 (*Available in early June 2020)

Phone: 919.515.4405 (Jeff Fay, Module Coordinator)
Email: (Jeff Fay, Module Coordinator)

Review Expectations for New Student Orientation

All enrolled students are required to complete New Student Orientation. In addition, we strongly recommend that family members complete the concurrent Family Orientation program. Summer Start students are automatically enrolled in this session by our office staff.

Please visit our Orientation Websites to find out more information about your specific session:

First Year Orientation

Transfer Orientation 

Spring Connect

In addition to the half-day Zoom session, you will watch video presentations through our Online Orientation Platform and answer accompanying questions about the information. This will be available for students in early June 2020.  This experience will be self-paced and due by June 22. It will include information related to campus involvement, university expectations and living on campus, among other topics.

Review your Course Schedule

Your academic advisor is reviewing the course preferences you included on your Summer Start application in addition to any transfer or AP credit you may be bringing to the university.  They are sharing recommendations for your summer course schedule with Summer Start staff.  Then, our staff will go ahead and register you for those classes.  Once we register you for classes, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions on how to view your summer schedule. Once your schedule is available, you can view it by logging in to MyPack Portal and selecting the “For Students” tab.  Click the “Go to Student Center” link to view your upcoming courses.

Register with Disability Resources Office

Contact the Disability Resources Office (DRO) should you require academic accommodations during the summer or academic year due to physical, mental health and/or learning disabilities. Students are encouraged to initiate contact with the DRO as early in their academic career as possible.

Website: Phone: 919.515.7653 (Disability Services Office) Email:

Welcome Program (June 17)

Save the Date: Summer Start Welcome Program will occur on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm! 

More information about the Welcome Program will be emailed in early June.

Meet the Summer Start Student Staff

Visit the Summer Start Student Staff page to learn more about who you will be working with this summer! You’ll learn who your specific Summer Start Mentor will be in early June, but you can see who is representing your college or major or your hometown area by checking out the staff now.

Contact Us with Any Questions

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at 919.515.1234 or