New Student On-Campus Job Fair

Want to Work for the Wolfpack?

The New Student On-Campus Job Fair brings together a variety of campus employers to help you find the position that fits you best! Whether you are looking for a job this semester, this summer, or even next fall, mark your calendars for the New Student On-Campus Job Fair.

Benefits of an On-Campus Job

  • A class-friendly schedule: No one understands the demands on a college student quite like campus employers. They’re also familiar with the college schedule, including breaks and finals, and will prioritize working around those as much as possible.
  • Meet new people: On-campus departments employ thousands of students! Unlike off-campus jobs, everyday you’ll be working with potential classmates or even roommates.
  • Convenient location: Easily transition from class or a student organization meeting to your job without even having to get into your car!
  • Build your resume: gain valuable employment experience and transferrable skills that can help you improve your resume
  • Great references: On-campus supervisors can be the source of some great references for future employment and graduate school.

Preparing for the Fair

This fair is meant to be informational and more informal than other career fairs on campus. It is not necessary for attendees to wear business professional attire or have resumes on hand. However, it is still important to make a good impression with future employers, so make sure to avoid the items listed below:

  • athletic pants/shorts
  • cut/ripped shirts
  • pants with holes
  • clothing with profanity or advertising alcohol/ inappropriate content
  • shirts baring midriff
  • revealing clothing or low cut shirt
  • clothing that is too tight
  • undergarments showing, even if they match

Career Fair Tips, Tricks, and Expectations 
When you arrive, you’ll attend a brief presentation with the Career Development Center Career Ambassadors who will provide tips and tricks for approaching employers, navigating the job fair, sharing your credentials, and following up with employers.
Meet The Employers
You’ll enter the ballroom and chat with employers across campus offering positions for the current semester, summer, and fall semester.
Resumes and Resources
After speaking with employers, stop by the Career Development Center’s table outside of Coastal Ballroom and learn more about their upcoming opportunities and service, including LAUNCH series workshops (below). Additionally, if you have a resume on hand, take advantage of the opportunity to have a one-on-one review by a Career Ambassador.

Questions? Contact New Student Programs at or 919-515-1234.