New Student Job and Leadership Fair

What to Expect

Like the idea and convenience of an on-campus job, but not sure where to start? Looking for leadership experience that will propel you to the next step? The New Student Job and Leadership Fair brings together on-campus employers and offices offering paid and unpaid leadership roles, making it easy for you to see all that is available for the spring and summer on campus.

Benefits of an On-Campus Job or Leadership Opportunity

  • A class-friendly schedule: The departments attending are familiar with the demands of college, including breaks and finals, and will prioritize working around those as much as possible.
  • Gain Career Experience: Whether it’s paid or unpaid, on campus job and leadership opportunities gain valuable experience and transferable skills that can help you in your future career. The 2016 Job Outlook Report showed that 80% of employers are looking for candidates with leadership experience. 
  • Great references: On-campus supervisors and advisors can be the source of some great references for future employment and graduate school and mentors later in your career.
  • Meet new people: On-campus departments work with thousands of students! Unlike off-campus jobs, everyday you’ll be working with potential classmates or future colleagues.
  • Convenient location: Easily transition from class or a student organization meeting to your role without even having to get into your car!

Preparing for the Fair

This fair is meant to be informational and more informal than other career fairs on campus. It is not necessary for attendees to wear business professional attire or have resumes on hand.

However, it is still important to make a good impression  on future employers, so make sure to avoid the items listed below:

  • cut/ripped shirts or pants
  • clothing with profanity or advertising alcohol/ inappropriate content
  • shirts baring midriff
  • revealing clothing or low cut shirt
  • undergarments showing

What Opportunities are Available?

Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes

Contact: Kristen Lee,, (919) 513-2048

Job Offerings:

  • Academic Tutor: (paid) Provide individual and small group tutoring to student-athletes within the Academic Skills Enhancement Program to enhance academic skills through teaching study skills and strategies, clarifying questions related to the content, and offer academic mentoring within ASPSA’s facilities throughout the academic year.Must have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, demonstrate proficiency in coursework, and/or have received a B+ or higher in the courses selected to tutor. Must abide by North Carolina State University, NCAA and ASPSA rules and regulations.
  • Study Hall Monitor: (paid) Enforce all ASPSA facility rules and consistently report any issues to an ASPSA staff member. Monitor check-in/check-out for all student-athletes entering the facility. Facilitate and maintain a study environment conducive to learning. Assist the tutorial and academic support staff on tutor/student-athlete pairings. Additional duties include special projects assigned requiring data collection, analysis, and interpretation of reports for multiple staff.
    The successful candidate should possess strong organizational and interpersonal skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and have a high attention level for detail. Must have computer software applications skills to develop written reports. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse educational, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Must be able to work nights and weekends.
  • Academic Mentor: (paid) Assist with the enhancement of student-athletes’ academic skills through academic mentoring while abiding by ASPSA and NCAA policies and procedures. ASPSA mentors assist at-risk student-athletes in developing important areas of learning for academic success such as time management, goal setting, self-advocacy, study strategies, test preparation, note taking and reading comprehension. Mentors have the opportunity to learn new teaching and mentoring strategies through interaction with administrators and participation in trainings.
Alumni Association 

Contact: Michael Williams,, (980) 406-0180

Leadership Opportunity:

  • Alumni Association Student Ambassador: (unpaid) Keep major traditions on NC State’s campus such as Homecoming, Pep Rallies, etc, to bridge the gap between students and alumni, govern Student Alumni Association.
Annual giving 

Contact: Brittany Smith,, (919) 515-0516

Job Offering:

  • Student Fundraiser: (paid) As a Student Fundraiser, you will have the opportunity to speak with many of NC State’s most spirited alumni to raise money for scholarship and grant opportunities, research initiatives and a variety of other initiatives throughout the university. You’ll be a part of further enhancing the strength of the Wolfpack.
campus enterprises 

Contact: Caitlin Williams,, (919) 513-1589

Job Offerings:

  • Food Service Worker: (paid) Essential functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to:- Provide excellent customer service to all guests.
    – Communicate effectively with supervisors, peers, and guests.
    – Maintain Grade A sanitation of 95% or better.
    – Maintain temperature and sanitation to ensure food safety.
    – Ability to work in a fast-paced environment to prep, serve and restock food items.
    – Ability to read and follow both written and verbal instructions and recipes to efficiently and accurately assemble menu items.
    – Assist supervisor with weekly and monthly cleaning of kitchen and production area.
  • Barista: (paid) Essential functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to:-Provide excellent customer service to all guests.
    -Communicate effectively with supervisors, peers, and guests.
    -Maintain Grade A sanitation of 95% or better.
    -Maintain temperature and sanitation to ensure food safety.
    -Adhere to all recipe and presentation standards while following all health, safety, and sanitation guidelines.
    -Prepare quality beverages, such as espresso based beverages, shakes, and smoothies.
    -Ability to work in a fast-paced environment to prep, serve and restock food and merchandise items.
    -Ability to read and follow both written and verbal instructions and recipes to efficiently and accurately assemble menu items.
    -Follow NC State Dining’s cash handling procedures to operate micros system (touch screen cash register) and accurately process transactions through the point-of-sale.
    -Assist supervisor with opening and closing duties of the unit as assigned by the supervisor.
  • C- Store Cashier: (paid) Essential functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to:-Register Operations-Stock and Clean store

    – Dip ice cream, make milkshakes and waffle cones.

    – Bakery section help with online orders.

  • Smoothie Shop Specialist: (paid) Essential functions and responsibilities include but are not limited to:-Follow Standardized recipes to ensure food quality, appearance and taste.-Operate micros system and accurately process transactions following UD cash handling procedures.

    – Food prep, general stocking and cleaning.


career development center 

Contact: Alex Ricciuti,, (919) 368-1428

Leadership Opportunity:

  • Career Ambassador: (unpaid) Career Ambassadors lead the LAUNCH series of programming throughout the semester. The LAUNCH programs focus on professional career readiness. Students who participate in the program also will receive course credit for USC 203 in their first semester.
counseling center 

Contact: Krystal Meares,, (919) 515-2423

Leadership Opportunity:

  • Mental Health Ambassador: (unpaid) NC State Mental Health Ambassadors are a group of undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for mental health awareness and wellness education. NC State MHAs will assist in the development and presentation of various topics for classroom presentations, campus partners and community events. Our goal is to utilize the benefit of peer to peer education and support to continue to decrease stigma around mental health, help seeking and self-care. In addition to a significant time commitment, this program will require students to have strong communication and organizational skills, work well in a group, display maturity and empathy and a high level of responsibility.


Center for student leadership, ethics and public service (CSLEPS) 

Contact: Brian Mathis,, (919) 513-0215

Job Offerings:

  • Service and Volunteer Coordinator: (paid) The Service and Volunteer coordinator will provide leadership to the CSLEPS Mystery Service Saturday Program, MLK Service Commemoration Programs, as well as ongoing service opportunities to NC State Students.
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator: (paid) Our marketing and communications coordinator will provide vision and leadership to create content across all CSLEPS social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat) and create content for the Weekly Newsletter and Website. Students who have WordPress website management and prior marketing experience is strongly encouraged to apply!

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Leaders for Change: (paid) The Leaders For Change are student interns (3x) for The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics & Public Service with an intent to raise awareness of local, national, and global issues and encourage students to become more engaged and active in combating issues. Each student intern brings their unique worldview into their work to conceptualize programming centralized around an issue with lasting impactful solutions. The Leaders for Change mission is to help students become more ethical, effective leaders and engaged citizens through education, empowerment and engagement opportunities.
  • CSLEPS Ambassador Coordinator: (paid) This leadership position manages 20-35 student ambassadors and will Coordinate and manage ambassador coverage for LDS workshops, office hours, and tabling events. Ensure ambassadors have needed materials, information, and are well-prepared for workshops, office hours, tabling, and other office initiatives. Coordinate professional development opportunities for students in conjunction with office staff and/or campus partners (resume, cover letter, multicultural awareness, StrengthsFinder). Serve as liaison between student ambassadors and CSLEPS staff Support student ambassadors to meet both, CSLEPS office expectations, as well as their own. Track results of ambassador program and assess outcomes for future improvements.
eastern 4-h center

Contact: Jennifer Standish,, (252) 797-4800

Job Offerings:

  • Senior Summer Camp Staff: (paid) Senior Summer Camp Staff positions are leadership roles within our summer camp operation. These jobs are the seasonal summer camp director, logistical coordinator, aquatic coordinator, lead male & female head counselors. All of these positions have supervisory responsibility of other summer camp staff. These staff members assist the Center Director with the overall administration and operation of the Eastern 4-H Summer Camp.
  • Health Care Coordinator: (paid) Currently studying in the health care profession or already certified in the medical profession. Responsible for the general care of our campers during the summer, organization of Camper Medical Forms, provide a list of camper allergies to our Food Service Team, organize and dispense camper medications. These will be medication that are prescribed by a doctor and in the original packaging. Along with some over the counter medications that parents have signed off on saying that their child can have but again the medication will be in the original packaging, provide minor first aid assistance to campers. Such as cleaning out scraps/cuts, providing band-aides, staying with campers who are sick (upset stomach), etc., assist in emergency situations in calling the proper medical technicians, such as an ambulance.
  • Summer Camp Cabin Counselor: (paid) Summer Cabin Counselors are responsible for the daily care and supervision of up to 10 children charged under their care, ranging from ages 5 to 18. Camp sessions are one week in duration. Summer Cabin Counselors will foster and maintain positive developmentally sound relationships between and with campers, assist in personal care as needed, be attentive at all times, and assist with a variety of camp activities. These include, but are not limited to, target sports, ecology, rock climbing, crafts, and aquatic activities.
  • Summer Camp Program Instructor: (paid) Summer Program Instructors are responsible for the daily delivery of assigned programming to audiences of up to 25 children, ranging from ages 5 to 18. Camp sessions are one week in duration. Summer Program Instructors will deliver age appropriate, predetermined curriculum in variety of camp activities including, but not limited to, target sports, ecology/nature, outdoor living skills, boating/sailing, crafts, climbing tower, high adventure elements, physical fitness & health, and aquatic activities (must be a lifeguard or willing to become one). Summer Program Instructors will also assist in cabin supervision of children.
glbt center 

Contact: Lynn Locklear-Fisher,, (919) 513-9742

Leadership Opportunity:

  • VIP Program Member (Volunteer, Internship, Practicum Program): (unpaid) Want to volunteer your time? Looking to do an internship either develop your skills or fulfill a degree requirement? Need a placement location for a departmental course practicum? The GLBT Center’s VIP Program offers all three options!
ncsu libraries information technology 

Contact: Herman Berkhoff,, (919) 515-2517

Job Offerings:

  • Information Technology Student Technician: (paid) IT Student Technicians work individually and collaboratively to assist Library patrons and staff with technology issues. IT Student Technicians are entrusted with a high level of responsibility and have the opportunity to develop creative solutions to technical challenges. Duties include: diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues, assisting with new hardware and software setup, maintaining IT assets and supporting high tech spaces. This position also includes some shift-based time on the NCSU Libraries Service Desk – the primary source of contact for Libraries staff encountering technical issues. Successful candidates will gain real-world, hands on experience while working alongside IT staff, supporting best-in-class enterprise technology solutions at D.H. Hill, James B. Hunt, and NCSU branch libraries.
  • Information Technology Student Specialist: (paid) The IT Student Specialist will work individually and collaboratively to assist Library patrons and staff with specialty computing needs including GIS/Data Visualization workstations, Virtual Reality Desktops and other specialized computing platforms. Duties include: configuring software packages, troubleshooting application errors, and providing overall support for high end PC workstations. The successful candidate will gain real-world, hands on experience while working alongside IT staff, supporting cutting edge technology solutions at D.H. Hill, James B. Hunt, and NCSU branch libraries.
Multicultural student affairs

Contact: Leah Young,, (919) 515-3835

Check Back for More Details!


Office of  information technology – technology support services

Contact: Ron Bradley,, (919) 515-0076

Job Offering:

  • ClassTech Service Technician: (paid) ClassTech Service Technicians help maintain the IT/AV standard in classroom and conference rooms spaces on campus and troubleshoot problems for faculty, staff and students.
parent and family services

Contact: Kerri Fowler,, (919) 515-9242

Leadership Opportunity:

  • Parent Ally: (unpaid) Parent Allies are NC State students that have been selected to provide support and leadership to the NC State Office of Parents & Families Services. These students assist in the programming, communications and services provided to parents and families of current NC State students.
sustainability at nc state

Contact: Rebekah Dunstan,, (919) 513-3873

Leadership Opportunity:

  • NC State Steward: (unpaid) The NC State Stewards program mission is to fulfill the vision of a more sustainable campus, community and world by encouraging individuals to adopt more sustainable practices. NC State Stewards are trained to promote sustainable actions on campus and among their peers so that environmental, social and economic responsibility is cultivated at NC State and beyond.
trio sss (student support services) 

Contact: Kyle Blochl,, (919) 513-1725

Job Offering:

  • TRIO Peer Tutor: (paid) TRIO Peer Tutors provide one-on-one tutoring to students within the TRIO Collegiate programs. Tutors must earn a B+ or higher in the course(s) they would like to work with, and scheduling is relatively flexible.


university housing – conference services 

Contact: Dylan Morris,, (919) 515-4398

Leadership Opportunity:

  • Summer Conference Ambassador: (paid) Summer Conference Ambassadors are a select group of student leaders who serve as the primary representatives of University Housing and NC State for 10,000+ summer guests. SCAs provide a welcoming atmosphere for camp and conference attendees, while enhancing their skills in customer service and completing a professional development program. Learn more:


university recreation (urec) 

Contact: Mary Yemma,, (919) 513-3890

Job Offerings:

  • Facility Operations Assistant: (paid) University Recreation is seeking enthusiastic students to control access, assist users and participants as they check in/out equipment and clothing from the Equipment Room, and provide accurate information to all University Recreation users and participants.
  • Lifeguard: (paid) University Recreation is seeking enthusiastic students to ensure the safety of users and participants by preventing and responding to emergencies in the Aquatic Center.
  • Strength and Conditioning Assistant: (paid) University Recreation is seeking enthusiastic students to assist users and participants within the strength and conditioning areas.
  • Member Services Specialist: (paid) University Recreation is seeking enthusiastic students to provide customer service and generate sales related to University Recreation programs and services.
women’s center 

Contact: Angela Gay,, (919) 513-0929

Job Offerings:

  • Student Marketing Assistant: (paid) Responsible for on brand graphic design and marketing for the Women’s Center and GLBT Center. Needed skills include proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design.
  • Student Assistant: (paid) Provide project, administrative, and programming support to the Women’s Center, supporting education and advocacy for gender equity and social justice on campus.

Leadership Opportunities:

  • The Movement, Peer Educator: (paid) Student paid leadership opportunity to educate and advocate for gender equity by providing peer education about sexual assault and violence against people.
  • Student Advisory Board Intern: (unpaid) Responsible for the development and leadership support of the Women’s Center Student Advisory Board.
  • Women’s Center Intern: (unpaid) Internships are tailored to the interests of the student and their program, however will engage students in theory, programming, and program support.