Project Guidelines

#ShowWhatYouKnow Showcase personal interests and involvement (clubs, organizations, activities, etc) Excessively use the account as advertising for an event or organization.
#KeepItClassy Be aware of your actions, and follow the NC State Code of Student Conduct, Instagram Guidelines, State, and Federal Laws Show something you don’t want the Chancellor (or your grandmother) to see, including profanity and mature content.
#RespectThePack Be open to new, exciting, and different opportunities and experiences. Disrespect individuals or groups. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated.

Geotag photo locations. Remember to keep your personal information safe, for instance, tag Bragaw Hall, not a room number.

Use descriptive and meaningful hashtags

Sign off each post with (Photo by @yourUsername) and #NCState23

Have fun! We want to make this experience memorable for you as well as the students, faculty, and staff that follow our account. Make it your own!


Follow or Unfollow others

Change any settings. (bio, profile pictures, etc)

Deleting PostsPosting Videos or Screenshots without contacting New Student Programs

Choosing any other share options.

Copyright Policy: You retain the copyright for all photos you post. We reserve the right to publish them in New Student Programs’ Communication materials. You’re welcome to post anything to your own profile. New Student Programs appreciates your interest in contributing to this new project and hopes it will be a positive and creative contribution to the NC State Community. By participating in the I am #NCState project, students agree to abide by the guidelines and acknowledge that New Student Programs can remove any photos if needed.”I am #NCState” is inspired by the RDU Baton collaborative photo relay project. Special thanks to them for allowing us to use some of their language from their rules and regulations.