Dinner Discussions

Check back soon for the Spring Series lineup!

Enjoy casual conversation around some of today’s most relevant issues, and share your thoughts at New Student Dinner Discussions. Dinner will be provided at no cost to participants. Each discussion will be guided by an NC State faculty member, and open to a small group of students.

It’s All Fun and Games: The Power of Play

with Dr. Derek Ham, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Affiliated Assistant Research Professor of Architecture
Talley Student Union, Cultural Hearth

This conversation will examine the power of play, and the role playful minds have for problem-solving and creative thinking. Participants will even have the opportunity to see this at work with games throughout the dinner. Learn more about the topic at Dr. Ham’s website.

Diversity and Environmental Justice: Why Do We Need Both?

with Dr. Thomas Easley, Director of the Community for Diversity and instructor in the College of Natural Resources (CNR)
Talley Student Union, Cultural Hearth
In order to engage in environmental justice, it is critical that one understands diversity.  Join this conversation to discuss how enhancing cross-cultural interactions can minimize damage to the environment.

It’s more than what you say, It’s how you say it

with Dr. Walt Wolfram, Distinguished University Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences & Director of the North Carolina Language and Life Project
Talley Student Union, Cultural Hearth
As a Professor of Linguistics,  Dr. Wolfram knows that the words we choose matter. But it’s not just the words, it’s how we express them that add a tremendous amount of meaning to the way we communicate. Join this discussion for a conversation around language, its role in current events and implications for our society.

Inclusivity in STEM

with Dr. Katherine Titus-Becker, Director of Women in Science & Engineering
Talley Student Union, Cultural Hearth
 Join in on the conversation on why being inclusive in STEM is so important and the greater benefits to society as a result.
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