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Specific requirements related to the Common Reading Program will be available on May 1, 2018



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For Students

$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America by Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer is NC State’s 2018 Common Reading Program selection!

Each year, a committee of students, faculty, staff and parents selects a Common Reading to provide a shared experience to the campus community and incoming first-year class. You are required or strongly encouraged to read $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America based upon their academic college or program.

You can expect to receive your copy of $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America at New Student Orientation and can learn more about requirements by clicking on the College Requirements link to the left after May 1, 2018.

A Reading Guide for Students, created by the Common Reading Selection Committee, will be available in early June to assist you in processing $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, with questions to consider and opportunities for reflection as you read.

We hope $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America will challenge you to see your experiences and views through different lenses and we hope you plan on joining us at Convocation on Monday, August 20 at Reynolds Coliseum to hear more about the text and how it relates to your first year experience.


  • READ $2.00 a Day before returning in August
  • SHARE your experience with the book through Twitter and Instagram with #OnePackOneBook
  • HEAR about $2.00 a Day with the Class of 2022 at Convocation on Monday, August 20
  • PARTICIPATE in book related events (check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming events!)
  • APPLY connected course material and themes from the book to impact your community.